New SIRIUSMO album | ENTHUSIAST and first single Itchy

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Siriusmo revient pour notre plus grand plaisir avec un nouvel album prévu pour le 14 juin prochain. En attendant découvrez dans la suite son premier single intitulé Itchy.

« After eighteen years, elaborate and outrageously expensive recording with a full-size Czech symphony orchestra, Siriusmo decided to reject it and to retire with enthusiasm.
This was followed by moments of euphoria, overconfidence, and many shed tears.
Once at the bottom of the facts, he now proudly presents his new album “Enthusiast”.

01 Doctor Beak
02 Congratulator
03 Tränen aus Bier
04 Enthusiast
05 Cornerboy
06 Plastic Hips
07 Itchy
08 Stinky Wig
09 Liu
10 Rantanplant
11 Wattnlosmitmir
12 Petit Cochon
13 Leftovers

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